Calendar of classes

Afterschool hours start at 3:00pm, and we will start running the workshop at 3:30, once most kids have arrived.  Participants are welcome to join the staff-led workshop, work on their own projects, hang out, play board games, do homework, or do anything else that doesn’t violate our small set of rules.  These workshops are generally designed to be self-contained, so feel free to drop-by anytime and check it out!

Workshop/Club Themes

  • Monday: Electronics A series of simple-circuit building projects – motorcars, fans, solar power, mousebots, lightsabers — fun and varying ways to build electromechanical toys, learn about electrons, and play with electricity.
  • Tuesday: Textiles, Knitting, and other Crafts Various functional and whimsical arts and crafts!  Sewing — bags, and stuffed animals and pillows and costumery,  knitting, bookbinding, making miniatures, playing with ceramics and polymer clay, 
  • Wednesday: Computer Club Suitable for complete beginners as well as advanced programmers, the computer club is a space for kids to hang out and work on software projects and get help from grown-ups and peers when they need it.  We tend to work primarily using Scratch — — and Processing — — though are happy to assist kids on other computer and software projects as well.
  • Thursday: Woodworking! Learn how to make simple projects out of wood — boxes, small carts, ornithopters, jigsaw puzzles, mini catapults, and more! Anyone participating in this workshop must review our shop policies and fill out a full registration packet, including our tool use release form.
  • Friday: Game Day (Fridays) Risk, Hey that My Fish, Pandemic, and a whole lot of Magic: the Gathering — all the games you could ever want to play! This is less a class and more an open meet-up for kids who want to hang out, meet new people, and play strategy games.
Calendar of classes

Current Classes

We also will run occasional ongoing, 4-6 session classes to go more in depth in a certain topic. These classes are generally geared towards the older kids in the space (10 and up), and require registration ahead of time and regular participation so that students can stay on the same page as they progress through the material

At the moment we have no classes scheduled.  If you’re interested in suggesting/requesting a class, email us at  If you’re interested in teaching a class, see our teaching page for more information.