Who’s in charge here?!

We are!  Collectively and as a whole.  If you want an answer to one of your questions, one of these people is a good place to start.

Kelly Taylor Librarian by day, rock photographer by night, bookbinder, radical educator & goggle enthusiast, Kelly joins P&C from the wilds of southwest NH. She’s been involved in alternative forms of education in one way or another for most of her life, but formally so since 2002, since which time she’s worked w/ middle school boys w/ behavior problems, freeschooling, unschooling & generally making a ruckus about education for kids who would are unsatisfied by the mainstream school system. Her favorite hobbies include reading YA novels about kids with super-powers, making tiny books, photographing musicians & rusty metal bits, and using her powers for awesome.

Dina Gjertsen  Before joining Parts and Crafts Dina built props & scenery and designed lights as a professional theater technician, supervised the maintenance of hands-on exhibits at a science museum and designed Flash games.  She supervises the afterschool program and coordinates most of the weekend and outreach events.  She also runs the Somerville Tool Library.  She loves making anything miniature (especially miniature food!), fixing things and hanging out with her 8 year old son.

Lorraine Gilman.  Lorraine is a puppeteer, comic performer and educator from Vermont. Lorraine ran away from the circus to become a puppeteer. She has a Master’s degree in Puppetry from the University of Connecticut, a BFA from Ringling Brother’s Clown College and studied Education at Rivier University. She has been teaching children for ten years. She joined Parts and Crafts as a camp counselor in 2014. Lorraine likes to draw, paint, figure out how stuff works, write stories, make food and then eat it.

Mike Gasper.  Michael is an educator with over 15 years experience teaching children in urban school districts both public and Charter. He taught Visual Arts for nearly a decade to students aged Kindergarten to Grade 5. Throughout his tenure as a public school art teacher, he created a summer school program called the “Urban Rangers” which brought together a single group of kids from grades 1 -5 to explore nature and art in their own urban neighborhood. He has been part of the Parts & Crafts staff working in the after school program, CSCL and leading the “Freestyle Fridays” group with another parent. He has two children who have been attending the Parts and Crafts CSCL program since 2015.

Seth Mazor What do monster wrestling, bike mechanics, audio engineering, embroidery, woodworking, board games and math have in common? That’s a hard one to answer concisely… but they’re definitely all fun! Seth has spent his life figuring out how to have healthy, helpful, challenging and creative fun with his brain, his body and his friends. He’s been working with young people off and on since his own childhood and more consistently in a supervisory capacity since 2014. He has a cat named Roxanne, plays ultimate frisbee, loves his mother very much and believes that together we can save the world.

Parts and Crafts Staff Alumni

Gone but not forgotten!

Bryce Taylor Bryce joined Parts and Crafts in 2012. Prior to working with P&C he studied physics, bug-tested software for mobile phone companies, made movies, and taught himself how to program computers. He can frequently be found playing Dominion and explaining force equations to very small children.

Zach Hirschtritt Prior to working at Parts and Crafts he was an outdoor educator for the AMC and a bike mechanic in New Haven. Zach is a builder and spends much of his free time fixing and riding bikes, building fun moving sculptures, sewing messenger bags, and running metalworking classes for kids. He’s also in charge of registration and billing, so if you have a question about money he’s the one to ask.

Katie Gradowski Katie was a critical theory nerd before she decided to make the leap from books to people. After a long flirtation with public radio she spent a year working for Occupy Boston outreach, and then stumbled happily into the world of alternative education, where she’s been tinkering with electronics and hanging out with 8-year-olds ever since. In her spare time, she runs math tutorials, builds picnic tables, makes cookies, and writes a lot of camp email to people on this list.

Will Macfarlane Will founded Parts and Crafts in 2009 after dropping out of college and working in alternative education, ice cream, architecture, and software design. Since then he’s had the pleasure of watching an idea grow into a community and the joy of seeing an incredible number of amazing kids grow up with it. In his spare time he enjoys doing pretty much the same things he does at Parts and Crafts — writing software, teaching friends, building things, playing and designing games.

Bissrat Bissrat is a bio engineer turned educator who is passionate about increasing accessibility to the maker movement. She grew up in California before moving to Boston for graduate school. In her free time, she enjoys painting, yoga, building/tinkering, and cooking.