Theory and Philosophy

Parts and Crafts is an odd organization.  We run a lot of different kinds of programs, and we run them in our own idiosyncratic ways.  Sometimes it’s not entirely obvious what the connections between our various projects, programs, ideas, and philosophies are — with that in mind we’ve written a couple of documents to help explain.

Making things and Making things Happen: A Manifesto (of sorts)

How we do it, and what it looks like on the ground

2015 Annual Report

Theory and Philosophy

Below are a number of smaller, or more specific pieces of writing/media we’ve produced for various contexts — talks and presentations and blog posts, primarily.  

Making Things, Making Community, originally written for the Alternatives to School blog

Free Schools + Makerspaces, a handout we made for a talk/workshop at AERO — the Alternative Education Resource Organization’s annual conference.

The Treehouse and the Popcorn Sale, a lightning talk we put together for Jay Silver’s class on radical learning at the MIT Media Lab.

Some Formal Mechanisms We Have in Place to Support Informal Learning, an elaboration of a lightning talk given at Libre Planet 2015.