Registration and Payment for Afterschool 2018-19

This year we’ll be open 5 days a week, Monday through Friday, from 3:00pm to 5:30.  We’ll be running an “open-shop” based program every day, with a variety of different activities offered based on kid and staff interest.



After school for the Fall 2019 semester starts on Tuesday, September 3rd and Spring 2020 semester starts on Thursday January 2nd. You can register for both sessions now.

The above link will take you to our registration service, After creating a user account, this portal will be the hub of all things Parts and Crafts registration, allowing you to see your payment schedule, track upcoming activities, and update important contact info. Our classses, camps, and afterschool will also use this system to streamline all Parts and Crafts registrations.

Payment Methods and Installment Plans

We will be accepting credit card this year along with e-checks and normal, analog checks. E-checks are preferred as they incur much lower transaction fees.

Along with paying the entire payment upfront for the year, you will be given the option of a monthly installment plan that will split up your tuition into 10 monthly payments. Please use the tuition calculator below to see what your monthly payments would be.

NOTE: If you choose to use installments your credit card or checking account will be withdrawn from automatically on those dates. If you would like to change how you are going to pay, please contact us prior to the billing date!

Drop-In and MultiPass

As in previous years, you can opt to drop-in rather than come for the entire semester. If you choose to drop-in, you must register! It is important that we maintain accurate attendance lists and records this year in accordance with our state childcare licence.

The cost for drop-in is $25/day and we will also offer a 5-pack Multipass for a discounted rate of $22/day. If you choose to buy a 5-pack, you will have 5 credits on your account which you can then choose to use when registering for drop-in days.

Applying Sliding Scale

Our sliding scale for afterschool this year has been re-worked to meet EEC Voucher Eligibility requirements so families can apply childcare vouchers towards Pafts and Crafts afterschool going forward. For more information about how to assess your sliding scale tier and requirements, please check our sliding scale page.


The cost per day of afterschool varies based on how many days/week you are signing up for, from approximately $22/day for 1 day a week to $18/day for all 5. Each day per week option is pro-rated for the number of nominal days that day occurs during the school year. For example: during the spring session there are 19 Monday afterschool days but 22 Wednesdays; the Monday session total for Spring is $345 and the Wednesday total is $400.  To estimate your total cost, please use our registration site linked above.

Drop-in cost is $25/day which can be paid by cash, check, or credit card. Sliding scale is available for afterschool, please see our sliding scale page for more details.