Guiding Principles

Choice-based Educational Model

All of our programming is completely optional – classes are not mandated, and members have wide berth over how they spend their time on any given day. Kids build their own schedule in consultation with staff advisors and their parents and are free to work on projects of their choosing at their own pace. Some kids might be doing classes exclusively; others may have a mix of tutorials and one-on-ones, depending on what they are working on at any given point in time.

Academic Support

In structure and outlook, our homeschooling programs are a more academically oriented version of our summer camp programs – we offer a range of topics, workshops, and classes, and kids are free to pick and choose among them. We use a wide variety formal curricula but we do not insist that all kids follow the same track at the same time. To this end, curricular frameworks serve as a guide to facilitate individual learning goals rather than a pass / fail benchmark.

Transition and Decompression

For kids who are just coming out of school, CSCL provides a friendly place where they can work at their own pace, or alternatively, where they can take a break for a little while, decompress, and get their feet under them. For parents who are new to homeschooling, we provide a semi-structured space where kids can have access to academic resources in a social space where they can work and learn in company.

Self-Directed Learning

Above all, we try to create a space where kids can follow their own interests – where they have plenty of space to play, explore, run around, and investigate the world around them. Whether it’s running a giant game of capture the flag or running an independent science experiment, we’re excited to help kids pursue their interests and passions, wherever they might lead.

Guiding Principles