There are lots of ways to volunteer and help us out in all of our programs.  Perhaps you’d like to teach a class, or run a workshop, or maybe you’d just like to come in and see what’s up and help out with whatever projects are going on.  Have a look below at our program overviews and volunteerism guidelines, and if anything suits your fancy, send as an email at contact@partsandcrafts.org

We are a child care institution!  This means that our programs come with some bureaucratic overhead that we may or may not think is in the best interest of society.  If you want to volunteer in any of our programs, we’ll probably need to invade your privacy and run a CORI and SORI check on you.  Even if we’ve known you for 20 years.  That’s reality.

Saturday Open-Shop (12:00 to 3:00) is the most open-ended of our programs, and so is the easiest to drop into and help out with.  Come by from 12:00 to 3:00 on a Saturday and help build circuits or sculptures or program computers or make stuff out of wood.  You can come by with a project in mind that you want to teach, just be around to help kids work on their own ideas, or you can even come in with a cool project that you want to work on that you think kids would get something out of helping with or seeing.

Afterschool (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday) is also a drop-in program and is pretty free-form and similarly easy to fit yourself into.  Check the Calendar of Classes to see what our themes for various afterschool days are, but don’t feel totally constrained by or wedded to these themes.

The Center for Semi-Conducted-Learning (CSCL) is our School Alternative program, and runs from 9:00am to 3:00pm, 4 days/week (Monday through Thursday) with a field-trip on Friday.  If you’re interested in running a class at the CSCL, or just coming in and helping out, it’s best for you to come regularly on the same weekday, and show up in timefor either the morning or afternoon meeting (9:30 or 12:15) to get a sense for what’s going on during the day.  CSCL is a great program for running longer-term, ongoing classes (most of our classes run for 6 or 8 sessions,) though singleton workshops are certainly appreciated as well.

Vacation Camp runs pretty-much whenever schools don’t — one week in February, one week in April, and 9 weeks during the summer.  Camp runs from 9:00am to 3:00pm and is organized into one or two week sessions.  Camp is a great time to teach a one-or-two session drop-in workshops, though if you want to come in a bunch of times over the course of a week it’s definitely possible to work on larger/longer-term projects.

Other stuff!  There’s actually lots to do that doesn’t involve interacting with kids in any way.  Do you want to help us design projects?  Assemble kits?  Help us look over leases or contracts or tax documents?  Design websites or write web apps or camp registration databases?  Write grants?  Help us with publicity or outreach?  Proofread our sloppily written website?  Something else we haven’t mentioned?  Let us know!