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Parts and Crafts:  Make, play, build!

Parts and Crafts is a kid makerspace and DIY tinkering camp based in Somerville Massachusetts.   We encourage kids to think and make and learn through the exploration of the arts, science, computer programming, and engineering.  What does this look like in practice? We spend a lot of our time taking apart computers, building kid-sized hovercrafts, programming in Scratch, building, crafting, inventing, and having a blast making things and exploring the world around us.

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Everything we do is offered on a sliding scale, and we want to make it possible for anyone, no matter what their circumstances, to be part of Parts and Crafts if they decide that they’d like to. Donate today to help make Parts and Crafts Camp 2017 awesome and affordable to all families!

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Become a sustaining member of Parts and Crafts! We offer high-quality STEM programs for kids and families and we do most of it on sliding scale and for free. To keep offering these services, we need your support. Sign up today and become a superhero in our eyes!