Field Trips/Travelling Programs

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Make Parts and Crafts Part of Your Program!

We can bring our workshops to your space, or you can come to us.  We offer a wide variety of projects and workshops that we can bring to your classroom, and we offer a limited number of field trip visits to our space on Fridays during the school year.  We also can run off-site afterschool programs — see our Travelling Afterschool page for details.

Time:  2 hours.  Field Trips to our workshop are only available on Fridays

Cost: $300 + $15/student above 25.  This cost includes all materials used in the workshop (unless otherwise noted/discussed), as well as a brief consultation with the teacher about what to expect and how we can make the visit fit into their class plans and curricula.

If you are interested in arranging a workshop, email to discuss arrangements


During Your Workshop

Workshops last two hours.  During the first portion of the program, all students will work on a specific pre-defined project determined based on consultation between us and your teacher(s).  The second portion will generally be an open-build time where kids can either continue to work on the pre-planned project, personalizing and extending it, or can make something else entirely.  

The length of the pre-planned project and the open-build time depends on the projects themselves, as well as on the needs of the class and the logistics of the space.  Open-build is a much larger part of programs that we run in our space, because of the wide variety of tools and materials we have on hand, though our travelling programs also have open-ended and creative building opportunities and challenges built-in.

Both of these pieces are important to the experience of the workshop — the pre-planned project serves to introduce kids to a set of tools and materials, as well as the “making things” mindset, and also gives teachers something specific to expect and plan their visit around.  The open-build portion gives kids a chance to extend and gain ownership of their skills and learning by applying them to creative and personally meaningful projects in an environment that encourages open-ended experimentation and play.

Before Your Workshop

Below is a list of possible topic areas that we run workshops in.  If you are interested in further ideas about possible school collaborations, please have a look at this flyer which contains a variety of project ideas we developed as possible collaborations with our local school district. You can also have a look at our Past Classes and Workshops for ideas.

Contact us with a little bit of information about your class (size, age-range), what you’re teaching and learning, and which of our topic areas you’re interested in, as well as your scheduling constraints, and we’ll get back to you with workshop ideas that seem like good fits for you.  

We are also interested in co-creating, with teachers, longer-term programs and projects to fit in with specific lesson-plans, curricula, and student interests.  

Co-creating a project or project-series for your class or school involves an additional consulting and planning process and a commensurate additional fee to cover this design work.  Because this process can take many forms and can be very simple or very elaborate, we can’t quote a general fee for this process.  Email us to begin a conversation about how a partnership might work.

Topic Areas

  • Electronics
    • Simple DC circuits
    • Voltage, current, resistance
    • Simple sensors
    • Robotics and physical computing
  • Design
    • 3D modelling/printing
    • Intro to woodshop
    • Layout and graphic design
    • Game Design
    • Invention and creation
  • Arts and Crafts
    • Sewing and fabric arts
    • Papercraft and Paper Mechanics
    • Drawing, Painting, Animation
    • Jewelry Making
  • Engineering
    • Take ­ apart, building, reverse engineering
    • How do things move?
    • Mechanical systems
  • Programming
    • Stories, animations, and video games in Scratch
    • Programming Minecraft
    • Java, Processing, Arduino