Spotlight: Kid Projects, Fall 2016

Zuckuss, The Uncanny One

Zuckuss (pronounced /Zŭk’-ŭs/)[2] was a successful Gand bounty hunter who was active during the height of the New Order. Referred to as “The Uncanny One” by his fellow hunters, Zuckuss was renowned for his ability to discover hidden quarry. His tracking skills derived both from his training as a findsman and from his innate Force-sensitivity, which allowed him to sense individuals at range and decipher the motives of his prey.

Props to NB for an AMAZING halloween costume.  It was really cool to see this come together.

img_20161028_142453     zuckuss

Electronic Music highlighted @ October Tech and Ethics Salon

Parts and Crafts was invited to give a talk this month at EMW Bookstore’s Tech and Ethics Salon.   As part of the talk, DJ Lychee highlighted excerpts from some electronic music that C has been working on.  We’ve got an amazing crew of young musicians and it was awesome to get some of their work in front of an audience!

Glue Station Constructions: Windmills and Houses

Creative Paper House. by CG and VG.

Popsicle Stick Walking Fan.  by SJ

Bike Mechanics 101

This is a long-term project happening on Thursday mornings.  Z and Z have been working to restore and upgrade a bike, starting with the chain and brake systems.


Robot Arms, Gear Systems, Hopping Machines

We’ve been spending a lot of downtime working on Lego robotics, both in Zach’s Monday class and at 577 in the mornings.  Check out this very cool gear system designed by E, our resident roboticist!

Scratch Animation

Thursday programming circle has been hopping, with a regular crew coming for help with coding projects and math support.  A is a skilled illustrator and has been spending lots of time converting her drawings into awesome Scratch animations.   Check out some of her work!