Kits and Resources

This whole subsection is a work in progress.  We’ve always considered documenting our projects and processes to be really important, both for our own record-keeping and self-reflection, and, more importantly, for making our work more valuable to the wider world.  But despite our theoretical interest, actually doing this documentation work has been incredibly difficult.  

So we made a space for all of these ideas and stories and projects on the new website, and we’re incrementally filling out the content in this section — hopefully you’ll find something useful, and hopefully you’ll stick with us as we get ourselves organized!

Tinkering, making, and learning can happen anywhere, and you don’t need to be at Parts and Crafts to work on and enjoy the the things that we do!

We have a selection of our projects available as kits that you can order from us, either on their own or as part of our kit-subscription program.  Or if you’d prefer to source the parts yourself, documentation for all of our kits, as well as other projects and information about where we get supplies is here.

If you’re interested in starting a makerspace, particularly a youth-makerspace, have a look here — you might find some of our thoughts, documentation, and insights on our experiences helpful.