How to Start a Makerspace!

This whole section is a work in progress.  In the coming months it’s primarily just going to be a messy information dump until we reach the point where we think we have most of the information we’re trying to share.  At that point we’ll think harder about structuring it.  Until then, after about 5 years of erring on the side of waiting to publish stuff, we’re just gonna start erring on the side of publishing stuff too early.

Makerspaces, or hackerspaces, are community workshops, embodying the core hacker values of sharing, collaboration, openness, and hands-on experimentation.   They are, simply, open spaces with tools and materials and friendly people who want to make things and learn together.  

Parts and Crafts is a youth-focused makerspace. Or, as we like to put it, “a makerspace for kids and their friends.” We give kids saws, drills, screwdrivers, glue, games, paint yarn, computers, soldering irons, and a dizzying array of interesting objects to play and experiment with. We ask everyone to keep to a minimum of basic rules and to “be excellent to each other”, but for the most part we let them do what they want to.