Coming soon: The Monthly Make-It Project Library!

This page is a work in progress!   Our hope is to replace it with the Monthly Make-It Project Library, replacing PDFs with online instructions, easy-to-follow videos, and project documentation and design resources for each of our Monthly Make-It project kits.

Many of these projects themselves are not just “ours” – they’re canonical “getting started” projects that have been kicking around for decades. Our goal is to make it as easy as possible for you to actually get started. To help you out, we will be documenting the design and manufacturing process for each kit and making the following things available under a Creative Commons ShareAlike License.

  • How to build it — both as a document and as an instructional video
  • How it works — a brief explanation of concepts behind the projects
  • Where/how you can get the parts in the kit How to manufacture any custom pieces
  • Any other important notes we have on the design

Stay tuned for details!   And if you’re interested, head over to this page and back our Kickstarter!

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