Birthday Parties

Have your next party at Parts and Crafts!

We can host parties for kids ages 7 and up, as well as teens and grownups. Party guests will work on projects, learn skills, and build things together using a variety of art, technology, and engineering techniques and materials.

Design Your Event

Our goal in all of our programming is to foster creativity and encourage people to be creators of the kinds of objects and experiences they are excited about. We have a wide variety of regular projects and workshops that we can make part of your birthday party — everything from lightsaber building to miniature food to video game design to cardboard puppetry — but our goal for a party is to design an experience that grows out of the interests of party guests and organizers.

These interests can be project-types — woodworking, electronics, computer programming, painting, sculpture — but they can also be ideas and themes — Star Wars, Minecraft, space travel, zombies — anything that might inspire a project idea.

Most projects and party plans are designed to be held indoors in our space, though weather-permitting, some parties can have an outdoor component in Conway Park across the street from our shop. Party guests might spend the beginning of the party building water bottle rockets and launchers and then go outside to test them, for instance. Or might spend the first portion making fantasy costumes and foam swords and then go outdoors for swordplay and related shenanigans.

For project and workshop inspiration, have a look at our list of workshop topics below, as well as our gallery of past classes and workshops.


Parties are typically 2 hours long and can be scheduled Saturday afternoon (3:30pm), Sunday (12:30pm or 3:30pm), or weekday evenings (6:30pm). The more notice we have for planning, the more likely we will be able to accommodate your schedule.
Attendees will be able to use a variety of tools and materials to build their projects, which they will then be able to take home with them. We will generally offer a specific and faciltated project that party attendees are encouraged to experiment with, customize, or ignore if they want to make something of their own imagining.

Parties are generally held at our workshop space — 577 Somerville Avenue, Somervilel, MA — though we have some limited ability to travel and bring some of our projects to you.


We will provide folding chairs and tables and set up an eating area for guests. You will bring any food, utensils, and decorations that you want to have. You can arrive as early as 30 minutes before the party to decorate.

When the weather permits, you can also set up and have food outdoors in the picnic area of Conway Park, directly across the street from our space.


Most parties cost $25 per guest unless extraordinary materials are required. The fee includes staff and materials for each student to build a project home to take home. We can accommodate groups of up to 25 attendees. The minimum charge is $200.

We rely on birthday parties and similar events to fund our sliding-scale and community outreach programs — when you have your birthday party with us, you are not only creating an awesome experience for your friends and family, you are also doing a small part to make these kinds of experiences accessible to as many kids as possible. Thank you!


Email us at with questions or to schedule the party. Please try to give as much time as possible to schedule and arrange your special event. Thank you, and we look forward to working with you to make your party awesome and inspiring!

Topic Areas

  • Electronics
    • Simple DC circuits
    • Voltage, current, resistance
    • Simple sensors
    • Robotics and physical computing
  • Design
    • 3D modelling/printing
    • Intro to woodshop
    • Layout and graphic design
    • Game Design
    • Invention and creation
  • Arts and Crafts
    • Sewing and fabric arts
    • Papercraft and Paper Mechanics
    • Drawing, Painting, Animation
    • Jewelry Making
  • Engineering
    • Take ­ apart, building, reverse engineering
    • How do things move?
    • Mechanical systems
  • Programming
    • Stories, animations, and video games in Scratch
    • Programming Minecraft
    • Java, Processing, Arduino