Next Wave Full Circle

Next Wave Junior High School and Full Circle High School teach to students who have difficulty learning in traditional educational settings.

Parts and Crafts offers middle grades workshops three days a week and a high school elective on Tuesdays.  Workshops include electronics, bike repair, learning to fly drones, kitchen science, and shop. 


Learning Opportunities at Next Wave Full Circle

  • 6-12 Students work with materials designed for their levels, proceeding at their own pace and developing strong personal relationships that foster participation in the school as a democratic community.
  • 6-12 Daily counseling integrated into their schedule & bi-weekly group counseling emphasizing conflict resolution.
  • 6-12 An integrated teaching and counseling environment.
  • 6-12 Project-based and experiental learning opportunities in small group settings.
  • 9-12 Adapted and individualized high school curriculum that includes math, science, and social studies along with some electives

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