May-June 2020 Six Week Classes Descriptions & Materials Required

Here are the class descriptions and required materials for Parts and Crafts six week online courses for May & June.

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You can find the whole calendar for our May-June 2020 online programs HERE.

Quick links to specific class descriptions:

Intro to Breadboarding & Arduino Using Tinkercad Circuits

Mondays 10:30am – 12:00pm starting Monday May 11

Instructor: Dina

Let’s learn breadboarding and Arduino using the virtual tool Tinkercad circuits – we’ll never have to search through bins for the right resistor!  We’ll work through breadboarding electronics projects and intro Arduino projects.

Kids should have a free tinkercad account.


Intro to micro:bit and Python

Thursdays 10:30 am – 12:00pm starting Thursday 5/14/2020

Instructor: Dina

Required Materials: KEYESTUDIO Beginner Starter Kit for BBC Micro:bit.

The micro:bit is a kid-friendly micro-controller that can be programmed using drag and drop programming or Python from the website.

We’ll be using the KEYESTUDIO Beginner Starter Kit for BBC Micro:bit.  It seems like the best value for the money of available kits.  It’s available for $38 on amazon, but may be cheaper from other retailers.

 The kit contains the micro:bit and several components to use in projects.  If you already have a micro:bit and some of the components from this kit or a different kit and want to know if you can cobble together the rest, please email and we can try and figure it out.


Making Miniature Food Using Polymer Clay

Wednesdays 10:30am to 12:00pm starting Wednesday 5/13/2020

Instructor: Dina

Required materials: clay, tools, chalk pastels (see below.)

Learn how to make realistic-looking miniature food from polymer clay. We’ll make oranges & sushi canes, bread, cakes, pies, Mexican food and lots more.  

There’s a lot of different materials and tools used in these projects, but some improvisation is possible.  Please email if purchasing these materials is difficult.

Must have:

Sculpey Multi-Pack (prices for this vary from $22-$30 but we can’t do the class without out.) – Michael’s link  Amazon link

Sculpey translucent liquid clay 6.99- $10  Amazon link  Dick Blick link

Clay Tools -15.99 –  the options vary, but we especially want a kit that has a flat metal cutter, some tools with scoopy/slicy ends and some needle tools like this one: Amazon link  This one from Michael’s is sort of a second choice, but we could work with it.

Earth Tone Chalk Pastels (not the squishy kind, the ones that are more like chalk.) We need most of the earth tones for a lot of projects.  Amazon link

Household Items you’ll need: 

Tinfoil (for texturing and baking items.)

Access to an oven(I’ll send baking instructions, Sculpey can be baked in a household oven)

At least one small paintbrush that isn’t wrecked.

Little paper cups or disposable containers for mixing (can be bottle caps or really tiny things like that.)

Misc art supplies: old tooth brushes, old paint brushes (we use the handles sometimes too) tooth picks, large needles, a can or bottle to use as a rolling pin, bottle caps and other random caps for plates, pie pans and bowls.  Little scraps of cardboard, plastic and wood for platters, etc.

Not required but if your kid gets obsessed, here’s some recommendations:

Translucent Sculpey

White Sculpey

Gloss Glaze

A very cool set of tools

I get large lots of miniature plates from Thailand via ebay

US History

Wednesdays 10:30am – 12:00pm starting Wednesday 5/13/2020

Instructor: Kelly

The history of the United States is complicated, problematic, fascinating, inspiring, and rich. Using books like Howard Zinn’s People’s History of the United States and others, we’ll look at US History from a perspective less traditionally used in mainstream schools.


Design & Create a Back Yard Field Guide

Tuesdays 1-3pm starting Tuesday 5/12/2020

Instructor: Mike

Suggested materials:

A good field guide like one of the following

The Sibley Guide to Birds of Eastern North America

Peterson Field Guide to Birds of Eastern & Central North America

Backyard Bird Watching in Boston

Whether you live in the city or suburbs, countryside or coastline, birds are everywhere and as we go about our day, they are all around us doing the same. In this 6 week program, you will combine art and science to produce your own personalized field guide illustrating the birds in your own backyard and neighborhood. Each week, we will cover new birds and new topics about backyard birds. Topics will include, classification (Taxonomy) of backyard birds, Wings and Feathers, Beaks and Bills, Nests and Eggs, Migration and Habitat.

Know Your Rights !

Tuesdays 1-3pm starting Tuesday 5/12/2020

Instructor: Cora

Cora is an attorney who has been doing civil rights, constitutional law, & prisoner rights work for two decades.

Required Materials: The United State Constitution: A Graphic Adaption

What are your constitutional rights and how can you use them? In this 6-week class we’ll be discussing the bill of rights, civic engagement, and civil rights movements, particularly movements that involve kids! We’ll look both at the history of various rights and practical applications in modern day. Our primary source will be “The United States Constitution: A Graphic Adaption” and we will also use various media, games, and interactive activities to contextualize constitutional rights. If you have a local bookstore you would like to support, please do. Here is the book from Powell’s, and you can of course find it at the big store.



Thursdays 10:30-12:00pm starting Thursday 5/14/2020

Instructor: Cora

Now more than ever, people are looking for good media to consume at home. During this 6 week session we’ll write, record, edit, and publish a few podcasts about whatever topics you like that will be shared with the Parts & Crafts community! Everyone who wants to will have an opportunity to record segments. For those who are interested in editing, you can also learn how to use the open source editing software, Audacity. As an example, check out the April Camp 2020 podcast!