Sliding Scale + Scholarships

Everything we do is offered on a sliding scale, and we want to make it possible for anyone, no matter what their circumstances, to be part of Parts and Crafts if they decide that they’d like to.

How it works

If you can pay full price, please do! Every dollar will go to pay hard-working staff and offset subsidized enrollment. If you can’t pay full price, we still want you at Parts and Crafts!    Sliding scale and scholarships are available for anyone who needs to use them.   See below for details!

Sliding Scale + Scholarships

Sliding Scale Rates for Afterschool and CSCL

To help people make informed decisions, we’re including a suggested table of what sliding scale might look like for different income brackets.   These are suggestions, not firm numbers – we assume that people will make an honest assessment of their own financial situation which is unique from family to family. Please use the sliding scale chart below for the specific program you’re registering for. 

Afterschool 2017-18 Sliding Scale Chart

CSCL 2017-18 Sliding Scale Chart


Apply for Sliding-Scale and Free Camp 2017

This year we have a limited amount of money set aside in our budget for sliding scale for February, April, and Summer Camp ($25,000). And in an effort to provide for as many families as possible we are limiting the amount of slots available at sliding scale this summer. 

Sliding-scale rates and free slots will be limited to a maximum of 4 weeks of summer camp 2017 (not including February and April camp).

To apply for sliding scale for February, April, or Summer Camp, please complete the form linked below. We will email you in response with specific coupon codes that will allow you to register at a reduced rate (or free) deepening on our resources available. 

Apply for Sliding Scale and Free Camp

Estimated Costs:  Depending on family size and total family income, we will match your family with either a free slot or a sliding-scale slot at 40%, 60%, or 80% of full cost. Full cost this summer is $650 for one session, which is two weeks, and $375 if you’d like to sign up for only a single week. 

Why are we having folks apply this year? For a number of reasons. Last summer we gave away over $50,000 in free and reduced slots. We were depending on donation funding to fill in most of that, but were overly optimistic and nearly went broke in September (and we owe a great many thanks to our community for getting us through that time!). To remain fiscally stable and provide for as many families as possible, we need to better control and monitor our discounted rates so we can stay within budget. This process also helps our record-keeping ability, which is very helpful from an accounting and grant-application perspective.

Thank you for understanding and helping keep Parts and Crafts on its feet! 

Changes to our pricing structure: Fall 2017

Starting in Fall 2017 we will be raising our prices 10% across the board for all programs.  Concurrently, we will be donating 15% of program revenues across the board to fund scholarships and sliding scale, creating a baseline of about $30,000 for our scholarship fund in Fall 2017.  

Why the change?  First and foremost, we need to make our programs more sustainable.  Being sustainable is more important than being cheap, and we believe that doing this will significantly improve our programs across the board.  Our long-term goal is to switch to a voucher-based model, with sliding scale and scholarships as a backstop for people who are eligible for, but not currently receiving vouchers.  Due to constraints in state voucher regulations, we are not eligible to receive vouchers under our current sliding scale model, nor are we currently able to meet demand for these slots. We’re hopeful that this change will help on both fronts!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I use the sliding scale?  Look at the appropriate sliding scale chart for the program you are registering for to find your promo code.  If you are applying for a free spot, email for a unique code. When you are registering online, there will be a box to input that code. . There is no separate application for sliding scale and we assume that people will be honest about their financial situation when using these codes.

When should I consider using the sliding scale? If you fall within the suggested income brackets. If you’re sending more than one kid to Parts and Crafts, or planning to come for more than one session. If it would otherwise be useful for you to do so. If you are currently unemployed, underemployed, or otherwise experiencing financial difficulty. We ask that people not use explicitly use the sliding scale to offset more expensive camp or independent school options elsewhere (we know that child care is expensive – but we also think we’re worth it!)

Am I eligible for a free spot?   If you are eligible for free lunch (roughly $35,000 total income for a family of four) you are eligible for a free spot in camp or afterschool. For a more accurate estimate, please check the relevant sliding scale table above. We have a limited number of these spots available (10 per session), though we hope to grow this program in future.   If you’d like to come for more than 2 weeks, you can either pay sliding scale or email to be put on a waitlist for future sessions. 

Help us expand these programs!  

Last year we brought in just over $15,000 in grant and donation funding, while we spent over $50,000 subsidizing free and reduced spots. We rely on full-price members to subsidize these spots, which is why it’s very important that people be honest in their use of sliding scale — quite literally, your commitment to paying full price will allow someone else to come!

You can support these programs by donating directly (there’s an option on the registration page!) or supporting our Free Lunch / Free Camp fundraiser, which we run every spring to help support this work.   If Parts and Crafts has made a difference in your child’s life, consider paying it forward and helping to support these important programs!


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