Afterschool Sliding Scale Chart 2017-18

How to use sliding scale for our Afterschool 2017-18 year:

1. Apply for a childcare voucher

If you are eligible for our sliding scale (based on our chart below), you are also eligible for an EEC childcare voucher.

If you wish to receive a scholarship for afterschool, you must also apply for an EEC voucher.

What happens once I apply for a voucher?  You will be added to the EEC waitlist and notified once a voucher spot becomes available. In the interim, you can use our sliding scale program to cover the cost of camp / CSCL / afterschool. Once you become eligible the voucher will replace sliding scale, you will pay the EEC determined parent-contribution, we will receive reimbursement from the state, and our limited scholarship funds will be available for other students.

Can I use sliding scale instead of a voucher? Without EEC reimbursements, we will not be able to run this program sustainably or offer it to the full number of kids who need this program. If you are eligible for an EEC childcare voucher you must add yourself to the waitlist in order to use our sliding scale program in the interim while you are waiting for a spot on the list. By transitioning from using our sliding-scale and scholarship funds to using EEC voucher reimbursements from the state, you free up our limited scholarship funds so they are available for more families.

2. Find your appropriate sliding scale rate on the chart below

Using the chart below match your family’s combined yearly income and family size. The cost for 1 day of afterschool is shown below.

Family Size X Household Income2345678
20 - 25K$8/Day$4/Day$4/Day$4/Day$4/Day$4/Day$4/Day
25 - 30K$8/Day$8/Day$4/Day$4/Day$4/Day$4/Day$4/Day
30 - 35K$8/Day$8/Day$8/Day$4/Day$4/Day$4/Day$4/Day
35 - 40K$12/Day$8/Day$8/Day$8/Day$4/Day$4/Day$4/Day
40 - 45K$12/Day$12/Day$8/Day$8/Day$8/Day$4/Day$4/Day
45 - 50K$16/Day$12/Day$12/Day$8/Day$8/Day$8/Day$4/Day
50 - 55K$16/Day$16/Day$12/Day$12/Day$8/Day$8/Day$8/Day
55 - 60KFull Price$16/Day$16/Day$12/Day$12/Day$8/Day$8/Day
60 - 65KFull PriceFull Price$16/Day$16/Day$12/Day$8/Day$8/Day
65 - 70KFull PriceFull Price$16/Day$16/Day$12/Day$12/Day$8/Day
70 - 75KFull PriceFull PriceFull Price$16/Day$16/Day$12/Day$12/Day
75 - 80KFull PriceFull PriceFull PriceFull Price$16/Day$16/Day$12/Day
80 - 85KFull PriceFull PriceFull PriceFull Price$16/Day$16/Day$16/Day
85 - 90KFull PriceFull PriceFull PriceFull PriceFull Price$16/Day$16/Day
90 - 95KFull PriceFull PriceFull PriceFull PriceFull PriceFull Price$16/Day
95 - 100KFull PriceFull PriceFull PriceFull PriceFull PriceFull Price$16/Day
>100KFull PriceFull PriceFull PriceFull PriceFull PriceFull PriceFull Price
3. Use your promo code to our registration page.

Find your promo code on the chart below. Once you have your promo code, head over to our registration page to register for afterschool. You will be invited to enter a promo code when checking out, which will automatically reduce the price. If you have questions, email

Scholarship TierCost for 1 day of afterschool
% DiscountCoupon Code
Tier 1$480%20_AFTRSCH1718
Tier 2$860%40_AFTRSCH1718
Tier 3$1240%60_AFTRSCH1718
Tier 4$1620%80_AFTRSCH1718
Full Price$200%No Coupon